Bible Translations
The argument over Bible translations will not end until Yeshua returns, so I’m confident that no matter which one I were to use here, someone would not agree on it’s validity.

The one thing we should all agree on is that we should read whatever translation you do favor more often.

Having been one myself who has gone from “King James Only” to accepting most mainstream English translations,  I use several translation as listed below in an attempt to get the meaning of the passage I’m studying.


  • King James Version with Strong’s (KJV)

While I find it tedious to read these days, the KJV is still one of the most read translations around for good reason.  It is a very good “word for word” type translation and has Strong’s indexing available for free in most software packages like E-Sword.


  • NASB with Strong’s (NASB)

The NASB follows very closely to KJV in it’s attempt to translate “word for word” but is a lot easier to read.  Accepted by many scholars as a reliable translation, it is a favorite.  Unfortunately, it is not free but $20.00 for the E-Sword download is not too terrible.


  • English Standard Version (ESV)

One of my favorite “mainstream” translations for it’s clarity, near “word for word” translation and it’s ease of reading.  If I were to recommend a Bible to a new believer it would be this translation.


  • Tree of Life Version (TLV)

This is my new favorite translation and my daily reader since the release of the “Giant Print” Edition in December, 2017.  It’s the only hard-copy Bible I bring with me these days.

It is a “Hebrew Roots” type translation that puts emphasis on Hebrew names and Hebrew history in the Bible, showing the roots of the New Testament teaching in the Old Testament readings.

It’s also a free download for E-Sword.


For the website I will be usually quoting from the NASB for ease of reading, clarity, and acceptability.

While I prefer the TLV, I don’t want the newness of the TLV to turn anyone away, and feel the NASB strikes a good balance between accuracy and ease of understanding.

If I feel other translations do a verse more justice, I will include a comparison of ESV / KJV / TLV versions.

During word studies I might link to the NASB version online at for ease of searching. is an excellent resource everyone should be using as a study foundation along with E-Sword, IMO.

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