Everyday is my Sabbath!

Well that’s the problem now isn’t it?  Everyday is not YHVH’s Sabbath!

We need to determine which day is the Sabbath before we can keep anything on it.  The Bible clearly states that this is the 7th day that was created by God.

He commands us to observe the day of rest in the 4th Commandment, to not only remember it but to keep it Holy, to sanctify it as God did.

You can see that the Hebrew word used for both acts is the same in the following text.

Gen 2:3 TLV  Then God blessed the seventh day and sanctified [H6942] it, for on it He ceased from all His work that God created for the purpose of preparing.

Exo 20:8-10 TLV  “Remember Yom Shabbat, to keep it holy. [H6942]  (9)  You are to work six days, and do all your work,  (10)  but the seventh day is a Shabbat to Adonai your God. In it you shall not do any work—not you, nor your son, your daughter, your male servant, your female servant, your cattle, nor the outsider that is within your gates.

The word Shabbot or Sabbath is still to this day easily recognized and used interchangeably in many languages with Saturday.  There is no language that does so with Sunday.


Unlike the Sunday Christian, a true believer of the Bible has to conclude that God who created this special day and who specifically named it His Sabbath, a name that is seen throughout the world as affiliated with Saturday (the 7th day of the week) is probably NOT “OK” with us just picking any day of the week to observe as our Sabbath.

I was told at Applegate Christian Fellowship (a Sunday worshiping church and Calvary of Costa-Mesa offshoot) that the important part is that we pick one day a week to rest and reflect on God.  If you have to work Saturday or Sunday, then pick Tuesday or whatever day you have off and make that your Sabbath.  Blasphemy! 🙂


Are Christians required to keep the Sabbath?

You tell me.  Do you think God requires Christians to…

  1. Refrain from having other gods before God (YHVH)?
  2. Refrain from creating graven images and bowing down to them?
  3. Refrain from taking God’s (YHVH) name in vain?
  4. To honor your father and your mother?
  5. Refrain from murdering people?
  6. Refrain from adultery?
  7. Refrain from stealing?
  8. Refrain from bearing false witness against others?
  9. Refrain from coveting?

Seems Christians would agree that they are required to keep those other 9 commandments, what’s missing from the “Christian” faith?  Oh yeah, commandment number 4, remember the Sabbath to keep it Holy.

I’m guessing that the answer is YES, you are required to keep the Sabbath commandment just as you are required to keep all His commandments.

Does not keeping the Sabbath mean we are not saved?  No.  Does it mean we are sinning against God? Yes.

There will come a point in any truth seeking Christian’s life where they will need to decide between “playing church” and seeking to do the will of the Father.  At that point, you will struggle with the Sabbath because the world is geared against it.

I can attest from my own experience though that if you stand firm in your belief, God will not forsake you.  When I lost my job, I determined that I would not work Sabbath and stated so on my interviews.  In my industry this is unheard of as working Sabbath is just a part of the deal.  Yet I stood for what I believed and was hired on at a better pay despite not working Sabbath.

Trust God, stand firm in His Word and see what happens!



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